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   You have one shot to get it right on your wedding day.  No pressure.

 Sorry, did you think we were talking about your photos? Although photography is an invaluable part of the big day, we were thinking more along the lines of your first kiss as newlyweds. Make sure you practice.

 This husband-and-wife team doesn’t normally kiss and tell, but in your case, we’ll make an exception. We’ll be glued to your hip on the big day, so we’re bound to catch a few newlywed smooches, and our shots have more than 1,000 words to spill. Peruse our portfolio and see all the juicy stories they are ready to share. But don’t just take their word for it; see what our couples have to say about their experiences with the Ruby Star team here.

 The Ruby Star Photography story begins similar to many of our couples. Boy (Hey, I’m Anthony) meets girl (Hi, I’m Amy). Couple falls in love. A wild romance ensues. Couple gets married. Here is where the plot thickens and our stories differ. We hired someone to film our wedding in 2000, but when we received the footage we were utterly disappointed. We cried, and they were not delicate droplets. We ugly cried. Yet our tears did nothing for us. There was no amount of money or creativity that could fix it. Like we said, you only get one shot.

 We returned from our honeymoon on a mission. We learned a hard lesson after our own wedding and founded Ruby Star Photography to prevent future couples from sharing the same experience.

But our philosophy goes a bit deeper.

 We believe…

Great photography isn’t about fancy-pants lenses, revolutionary technology or avant-garde trends. It’s about connection. It’s about capturing those fleeing moments that pass too soon. State-of-the-art gadgets and trendy fads aren’t bad things when used correctly, but when misused they can clutter the composition and the intention of a photograph rather than highlight the raw emotion that should be imbedded in each and every shot.

 We believe…

 Many of life’s best moments are unexpected. Your wedding day will feel like a whirlwind. We want you to laugh, dance and enjoy every second of it. Each of these moments will have it’s own story to tell. We’d love to help you share them.

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves


Amy is the resident bride whisper, your wedding day MacGyver, the purveyor of pretty pictures and also, coincidentally, a crier. In fact, some of her best shots have been captured when her weighty tears come in contact with the shutter button, while she is simultaneously consoling the equally distraught mother-of-the-bride, and nudging the flower girl in line before everyone sashays down the aisle. She wears many hats fascinators the day of the wedding to ensure that you are as stress free as possible on quite possibly the grandest day of your entire existence.

 Yet her role as a storyteller takes precedence on wedding day. As a visual storyteller, she makes it her responsibility to know and understand the dynamics between the people in the story, that is, all of the people sharing in your special moment. She enjoys interacting (a.k.a. breaking it down on the dance floor) with not only her couple but with their families and friends as well. She’s there for you but also for your family and your future great-grandchildren who will run their chubby little fingers over your photos one day.

 Amy’s verified obsession with photography began when she was just a wee, pigtailed child thriving in Brooklyn. Banned from touching her father’s prized Voightlander 35mm, she was gifted a Canon AF35, and the rest is history. From that point on, the world was her muse.

 Amy’s innate comprehension of innovation, timeless beauty, composition, and creative possibilities make us blush. She will provide you with stunning visual representations of your day that make you see the world in a way you’ve never seen it before.

 When she is not stealing your breath away with her photography, Amy can be found exploring with her two boys. She delights in introducing them to the world’s wonders found through art, museums, concerts and traveling.


You can see the creativity dripping off of Anthony’s perfectly manicured ‘stache.  His waking hours are spent in active creative pursuit—whether he is chasing light for the perfect shot, jamming out on his guitar+bass+drums with his two sons, or enabling his barn wood obsession with hammer in hand.

 Having a vision come to life as a finished product has always brought Anthony Snap!-Crackle!-Pop!-like satisfaction. The modes of creativity may change but his insatiable drive and dedication to artistic quality always remain a constant.

  Anthony has come a long way since creating his debut shortie film as a 10-year-old lad. Supported by his innate storytelling ability, he honed his cinematic skills to become an award-winning videographer. However, it wasn’t until his traumatic wedding experience that he began to apply his artistry to the wedding world.

 The co-creative genius of Ruby Star, Anthony will go above and beyond to capture the perfect shot, whether that means laying in the sticks or traveling to the sticks of Long Island to ensure your happiness on the big day. He takes his membership with the Fearless Photographers (and the Wedding Photojournalist Association) quite literally.

 Oh, and don’t be alarmed when Anthony starts muttering to the camera—“Oh, yeah!” “That’s it!" This will undoubtedly happen during your wedding but it simply means that the magic is happening.


In a previous life (a.k.a. before joining Ruby Star), Tom studied the traditions and ancient teachings of the Ninja. Today he is our go-to videographer, computer whiz and quality control guru. Combining his European sense of flair with his stealthy footwork and camouflage training, Tom has a knack for capturing captivating video.

 In order to do so, he will operate more cameras simultaneously at your wedding than thought humanly possible. Tom’s weapons of choice…well, there are too many to list. In fact, his equipment satchels weigh an astounding 140 pounds, yet he balances them with the grace of a prima ballerina.

 Tom began shooting weddings internationally as a gangly teen. Much like a fine wine, Tom and his films grow more valuable with age. On a relentless quest for knowledge to satisfy his mechanical brain, Tom is an avid researcher that relaxes by kicking back and swinging his legs over the cutting edge of cinematography.

His obsession with visual art, technology and multi-tasking will one day ruin his life, but for now it makes him a great videographer.


Outside of white weddings and blushing brides, Taso feels most comfortable around blinding pyrotechnics and leather-clad rock stars. After all, he has photographed some of the greatest hard rock performers of our time. A legendary badass in his own right, he’s captured the likes of Slash and Metallica and has had his work featured in Spin, Time Out NY, Rock Sound, and well, too many more to count.

 Weddings are much like the music scene, no two shows are alike and each come with its own set of challenges—like Uncle Frank heading to the bar a few too many times. Like a concert, you’ve got one shot to create stunning visuals of your big day. A rock star in the mosh pit and behind the camera, Taso has extensive experience with rowdy fans and can most certainly handle your rambunctious Auntie Maud. In fact, he excels at creating compelling images amongst chaos. Taso is guaranteed to make you feel like a rock star and rock out some truly incredible shots in the process.

 Warning: Taso is dedicated to the perfect shot, even if that means crowd surfing to get it.